Güncelleme Tarihi: 17 January 2021

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Transportation Plan

The protocol for "Development of a Joint Project Regarding the Analysis of Urban Transportation Problems and Preparation of the Transportation Planning Project" signed, preparing the transport master plan for Bandırma, determining and measuring critical areas, household research, determining road capacities, increasing transportation capacity, draft for all these. Preparation of plans and projects, preparation of reports by carrying out transportation studies.

The project to be carried out within the scope of the protocol, which is aimed to bring important solutions to the transportation problems of Bandırma, was carried out by our Director of Intelligent Transportation Systems Application and Research Center (BAUSMER). Dr. Mehmet Tektaş and our Deputy Director Dr. Taylan Engin. Our faculty members who teach in the Intelligent Transportation Systems and Technologies Department from our Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences will also take part in the project, when deemed necessary.

Within the scope of the Bandırma Transportation Master Plan, face-to-face and online surveys of approximately 2.500 people, especially during peak hours of shootings and subsequent counts, have been completed, and the geometric arrangements and simulation phase has started. The visuals of the works can be accessed from the tab below.